Monday, April 13, 2009

Packed Up, Shipped Out

CS came this weekend and took all our stuff away in a Budget truck. He flew in at 10:30 on Saturday morning and left at 4 PM on Sunday. So about thirty hours and all our stuff is on its way to Mobile, Alabama. I thought that CS's storage unit was going to take up all the space in the truck but we had quite a lot of room left when he brought it to my house to pack the rest. I didn't think I had that much to pack here, but I'm pretty sure that Jacob and I filled the other half of the truck. We didn't even pack all the things we have here because we still need a lot, obviously. Now that all our stuff is gone, including the dog, it seems like we need to be gone as well. I tried to get a ticket out for Saturday to be there for CS's birthday but now they are over a hundred dollars and that's just not worth it for a one way ticket. And we still don't know if CS has the job in Mobile he tested for on Friday so tomorrow should tell us all we need to know. Although, probably not. Since CS had to leave his truck in Gulfport and he can't just drive the packed truck around. Unless we have some miles to spare. Which we should. Somehow they gave us a smaller truck but more mileage. I take more mileage over bigger truck.

We now begin a countdown of when we get to leave and move into our new house. I'm terribly ancy to get there and start unpacking. Going through our stuff was like a tease to me. All sorts of things have been packed away for seven months now and I finally see them but only to pack them up and watch then drive away without any idea when we can get down there to put a home together.

Jacob has been having a rough time at night this past week. He has decided that sleeping next to me in the BEST!THING! and around 1:30, he wakes up to nurse and refuses to go back to his bed. This is not good for me because I can't sleep well when I'm next to him and I can't sleep at all when he's screaming in his crib at the foot of the bed. I think it's due to teething, because the binky just pisses him off and he refuses to lay on his side, which had previously been his go-to sleeping position. It's been really annoying at night to fight with him over sleeping and I see now why parents just break down over things like this because I'm tired too. I am not a good mama at 1:30 in the morning. I am irritated because my baby is being a brat. And I am mad at him for arching his back and shaking his head and refusing to be comforted. Then I get up in the morning and read about someone who just lost their baby and I have to remind myself that I am so lucky.

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