Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So I pulled out a few pairs of pants when we were packing up the truck. I only had one pair of jeans in the house that I would wear for an entire day and it was getting old. So I grabbed three pairs of pants that were casual and were a bit loose on me before I entered Pregoland. I've been into a few of my looser clothes since having Jacob and most a just a little tight at this point.

But when I pulled on these packed away pants? Oh, has my body changed. I don't weight more but there is more of me. Pants don't fit right now when they used to be baggy in the tummy and thighs and booty. I know I can blame part of this on the fact that I eat whatever I want, all day long, and I hardly work out because it is either cold or windy. On the days it's been nice, I try to go for a walk but I don't always think about it. I know I need to put effort into returning to a body I don't avoid in the mirror. Actually, I don't even see myself in the mirror because the bathroom only has small mirrors and I never go check my outfit in the big mirror at the back of the house because who cares? CS isn't here, Jacob doesn't care, and I hardly go anywhere. Plus, if I can't see it, then it's not really a muffin top. Right?

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