Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Sooo, maybe I thought I updated on my plans and now I see I have not said a darn word about it. I bought a ticket to Alabama on the 18th, sort of as a b-day present for CS because that is his birthday and I couldn't be there to celebrate with him. So Jacob and I flew out on the 25th (which is Hunter's birthday) and we are now in the house CS procured for us. It's nice and when CS's mom ships my camera to me, I will post the pics. We have four room, although one is an office space, two living rooms, a dining room and a breakfast nook/space. We have NO furniture so it's been fun! Ok, I lie. We have two chairs, a coffee table and an end table. We are looking for a kitchen table, since I already have four chairs. The floors in the living room and kitchen are concrete so we moved a big rug from the sitting room into the living room for Jacob since he HAS LEARNED TO CRAWL.

Ya'll! My baby can crawl! So far the only beeline he's made is to the stereo in the corner of the living room. It has magic buttons! That open things! With loud noises! The first time he turned it on, he cried but then he got over that and now it's his favorite thing. Good thing he forgets things quickly. I only have a little more time before that's not an option anymore. Then I'll just be locking him in an empty room and throwing toys in occasionally.

The house has a big backyard with a creek running through it. Every time I walk past the edge, I internally freak out about alligators in the water. I try to avoid it most of the time, actually. Jacob will sit in the grass but he holds one leg up so it can't touch anything. It's pretty impressive. You try holding your leg up for ten minutes while you sit on the grass.

Jacob is also learning how to sleep in his crib all night long and this means I have to go to bed earlier but that I get more sleeping without worrying about falling off the bed or locked into one position. I kept hearing from other moms about how their one month olds still slept with them and I'm determined not to let that happen. Maybe if we had a king sized bed but I really like the idea of sleeping in our own beds. Heck, I'd sleep in my own bed now. I like sleeping alone but I like the option of having someone next to me.

Side note: CS is still looking for a job to tide us over until the LPR job starts in May (hoping). We find out tomorrow what is going on with two of the places he has gone to. So maybe tomorrow he will have something. Which would be good, as he's sitting in the chair next to me and grinning slyly while slowly opening a knife he just sharpened and it's kind of freaking me out. Boys are so odd.

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