Friday, May 01, 2009

Thoughts On Living In The South

I saw a Confederate flag flying over a house down the street from me on my walk this morning. I'm hoping we never meet.

Every time I walk around the edge of the water in the backyard, I see a hungry alligator lunging out and snapping at my baby scenarios. Freaks me out!

There are black and orange grasshopper type bugs.

Lizards live in the South. Who knew?

Dirt roads in CO are better than paved roads here.

I live on Baratara, which is pronounced Bear-a-ter-ah and not bear-a tara.

I baked Smitten Kitchen's chocolate chip sour cream cake and either it was undercooked or I am going to have to adjust to cooking at a low altitude.

There are no Kroger's here. Or Whole Foods. I guess Winn-Dixie and Fresh Market will have to do.

Hunter was attacked by bugs and had hard, crusty bites around his eyes and on his snout.

I have been attacked by bugs and I have itchy spots on my legs and back. I blame the fact that our doors don't have seals on the bottom so all kids of creatures could get in. Hope it never floods!

Alabama has taken the swine flu news seriously and shut down schools. I think they are being idiots.

However, they have Blue Bell ice cream and so I forgive them for over-reacting. I'll probably home school Jacob anyways so who cares about school! Kidding. Mostly.

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