Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Peaches, Squash, Yams! Oh My!

Things Jacob will eat: Sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, peas, pickles, prunes, peaches, pears, bananas, apples, Teddy Grahams, Ice cream sandwiches, fudgesicles, turkey, spaghetti, Ritz crackers.

I'm working on making my own baby food for him. So far I tried peas and green beans but I'm not getting it smooth enough for his tastes. I thought I bought a steamer basket but I think I just bought a colander so I need to pick a real one up this week. I found butternut and acorn squash at Target, of all places, and I have a sweet potato to cook along with them. I have carrots, pears, and peaches to cook down, too! I have ice cube trays ready to go! I just need to get around to cooking it. It helps that I will be out of baby food in jars today so I really have to get on it. ASAP.

Jacob is doing better with sleeping in his crib, last night he slept from 8:30 to 3 AM and then from 3 to 7. Where he woke up for good but it's ok. He went down for a nap a little later which means that I get to shower before 10 AM. I didn't get to go on a walk, but we'll do that later. Although the humidity might kill me dead. I need to get my hair cut SOON or I will always look like a cavewoman because my hair is just TOO big and TOO frizzy. It's terribly gross to me. I have nice hair, and it's just being ruined unless I dump a cup of gel into it in the morning. I refuse to do that because it's expensive. And I'm a snob who refuses to use Suave.

Here's a photo of Jacob and Jayden the last weekend before we left. I put him next to her as she was watching Charlie and Lola, and when I walked back into the room from getting my camera, he was reaching a hand out to touch her face while she tried to swat him off. But she did share when I told her to. And I have evidence of it!

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