Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things My Child Has Done And Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack

Today, while I was cleaning the bathroom, I heard Jacob start to cough and gasp a little bit. I turned around and he looked like he was just coughing but I stuck my finger in his mouth and guess what I found? The little caps that go on the screws at the base of the toilet that are always popping off when you wipe it down. Yes! And yes, it is a perfect size for a baby's mouth. I don't think he could swallow it but I don't think babies know how to breathe out of their noses in a panic. Jacob didn't even flinch, just went back to playing while I went back to wiping the counter like nothing happened. Except my hands started to shake so badly I almost knocked my make-up brushes off the counter. I think I got so scared because CS is off working and I am carless and thus feel a tad bit helpless.

Also, today, I was loading the dishwasher and noticed that the little trap that holds the detergent wasn't empty so I closed the lid and pulled the tray out to load. Except my little helper saw that the trap wasn't closed all the way and he pushed the tray back and started to play in the detergent. I washed his hands off when I found him in it, and I'm pretty sure he didn't eat any (as he didn't have any around his mouth and he's fine hours later) but it was not a good day, mama wise.

One more bad mama moment: Last week, he woke up early from a nap and went back to sleep. I laid him in bed with me and ended up taking a nap too. But then I woke up and did a few things in the room while he slept because I didn't want him to fall off the bed. But then I walked into the living room and sat down at the computer and two minutes later I heard him cry through the monitor. So I run back to the room and find him on his back, on the floor. YES, MY BABY FELL OFF THE BED. He was fine though, and cried less about that than he does when he bonks his head on the concrete floor in the living room.

I liked this job better when he wasn't mobile. At least pain was usually something I could control. Now he's all on his own and he's pretty independent. And reckless.

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Duncan Donuts said...

Aww Jess! You are a great mom. And, I heard that laundry detergent has antioxidents!