Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jacob's First Visit To An Abortion Clinic

I took the baby to an abortion clinic. Not on purpose! I have been getting BC pills from Planned Parenthood and I needed to get my file transfered from Colorado to Alabama. They told me to come in and sign a waver that they'd fax over then I could go get my pills. So I drove to the PP in town and as I pulled up I noticed that there were two older women out in front and they were holding signs. One woman started talking to me from the curb as I got Jacob out but I didn't really pay attention. Obviously, I wasn't there for an abortion or I wouldn't be holding a fat baby. So I walked up to the door, where a sign said "No bags or purses" but there wasn't a "NO BABIES" sign so I walked in. And the lady behind the glass started telling me that I can't bring a baby inside. There was a pregnant girl in the corner! So unless she was getting a really, really late term abortion (do they allow those?) then I feel like she had a baby too. So we left because I was not going to go put Jacob in his carseat in the truck and leave him to go fill out a form. And the crazies outside gave me information on "Natural Family Planning" and how it will save my marriage and allow me to have babies in God's time. Since I'm not married, I guess God probably doesn't want me to have any more babies. And I intend on taking a pill to keep that from happening because you can't do natural planning when you are breastfeeding. It doesn't work that way!

So I understand why they don't want babies in abortion clinics because the women getting them might feel terrible guilt over ending a baby's life. Although part of me thinks that if you can't look at a baby while you are waiting to get an abortion, DO NOT GET ONE. Because you will see babies for the rest of your life. And why do I have to go out of my way to make sure these women don't see babies? Planned Parenthood should have two doors, for those coming with non-abortion related issues. It's not like I have babysitting options. Can they mail my pills? How'd about some condoms and some Plan B?

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Duncan Donuts said...

I think my favorite part of this is the title - like Jacob will have so many more visits to follow!