Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This weekend, we had a gator visitor. I got up early on Sunday thanks to someone named JACOB and we went outside to feed Hunter because he is obnoxious until he is fed. Then he's obnoxious till he's walked, but that's another story. So I unlocked the door and we stepped outside and I looked out to the creek and immediately spotted the lizard sunning himself on the far side of the yard. I quickly shooed the dog back inside and went to tell CS. He got up and got the dog food then went out to take some photos but the gator slipped back in to the water when CS walked around the house. We thought he'd be gone, like the last one who swam by and slipped underwater. But I looked out the window before I got in the shower and he was back, this time on the bank closer to the house. Really close, actually, to where we tie Hunter up when we leave him outside. CS, baby, and I went out to try and take more photos but CS's spy moves didn't conceal him and the gator jumped back into the water when it spotted CS. We left the house after that, leaving Hunter inside so as not to entice the gator with a large snack. We didn't get back until almost evening, but when CS got out of the truck he saw the gator sitting in the same spot as before. He's not been back since but I no longer believe the landlady about how she only saw two alligators in the two years she lived here. I've only been here a month and I've seen TWO! She must not have ever been home, or she would have seen a lot more, I suspect. I think I prefer the turtles that take over the banks.

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