Friday, May 15, 2009

Then I Called The Police

This afternoon I got up from the living room floor and walked to the kitchen sink to refill my water bottle. Above the sink is a window with a lovely view of the garage of the house next door. When I walked up to the sink, I looked out the window and noticed a man walking up the drive and this startled me because the house is empty. I don't think he saw me because I didn't have the lights in the kitchen on and he continued to walk up the drive and through the wrought iron gate to the back patio. I couldn't see what he did from there so I walked to my backyard and cracked the door to see and I saw him coming back toward the gate and he walked back down the drive and across the yard. I watched him walk down the street and go up a little hill into my neighbor's backyard and he didn't come back. I told Chris about it and said that maybe we should call the cops. He took a walk around the block but didn't see him so I called the police after he got back. After they got here, the same man walked out the front door of the house he went to and came down to talk to the cops. Where apparently he told them that he hadn't left the house all day. Obviously, this is a lie. But the cop told CS that he has quite a few screws lose and obviously he knew that someone reported him because why else would he come down the street to say that he hadn't left? I'm still a little skeeved out because I though an older man lived at the house and I watch too many Criminal Minds so I'm paranoid that he's an "unsub" and he's taken a nice older couple hostage and then I went and called the cops on him. Most likely, he's the handicapped son of an older couple and they didn't even know he left the house for a walk. But it's still a little unsettling to see a suspicious man walking around empty houses. Especially when I'm just a woman with a baby and no car but a very scary looking Lab.

Also, while this was happening, a man in a Direct TV van pulled in the the driveway of the empty house and sat there for a bit. He was there yesterday, and asked me at one point if i knew what street it was on. For a small point in time, I was convinced that crazy dude and Direct TV dude are thieves and they are breaking into empty houses. But when Direct TV guy pulled into the drive with his van and the cops walked over to talk to him, then pointed out that his tags were expired, I changed my theory. Unless he is a stupid criminal, no one is going to pull up next to cops and park their vehicle. I mean, he's an idiot anyway but I don't think he's out for looting.

So now I have a kind of weird neighbor and gators in my yard. Thank goodness I have a scary looking dog.

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