Thursday, May 14, 2009

An Update

Here's a peek at my days:

Between 7:30 and 8:30: Baby wakes up and sits up in bed next to me. He then reaches for my pack of BC pills because he likes the rattle it makes. Then he tries to crawl off the bed. (He has fallen off the bed once, but only because I let him sleep on my bed when he woke up from a nap too soon and fell back asleep in my arms and I laid down with him but woke up before he did and I left the room like a DUMMY.) (That was a really long and incorrect sentence.)

8:30- We take Hunter and go for a walk around a loop in the neighborhood. I'm trying to lose the baby belly pudge.

9:00- I make and eat breakfast while Jacob either plays with a cap from a bottle on the kitchen floor or eats a rice cake in his chair, next to me.

9:30- We play on the floor, or watch Youtubed Sesame Streets before he goes down for a nap. Just depends on when he woke up.

10:00- While baby naps, I read the Internet then shower. It's nice to be able to shower without waking the baby because he's in the same room. Nor do I have to gather all my things and take a shower in a room on the other side of the house. I like him having his own room.

11:00- When he wakes up, he gets dressed for the day. It's so hot here that I've been putting him in onsies at night and he wears one-piece outfits during the day because they are CUTE. We play, I make lunch because I'm starving before noon.

12:00- Lunch time over, we sit in the living room and I read a bit while he climbs over me. We haven't gotten cable yet so we only have one channel, CBS, and they play a lot of soaps. I generally ignore them but it's nice to have background noise. Unless I want to watch a fuzzy ABC program. At least I can get Ellen in the afternoon, even if she looks a little funny.

1:00-Baby love is ready for a nap about now and this leaves me free to check the Internet again. Jacob thinks he should be allowed to touch the laptop and is very upset when he can't so it's usually put up while he's awake. I'm going to need a safer place to put it soon. Like an office with a locked door.

1:10- Once Jacob is sleeping, I can do all sorts of things. Like sweep the floor, make bread, bake cookies, talk on the phone outside. Or just read the Internet or a book. Maybe nap.

2:00 or 3:00- Jacob wakes up and by this time CS is awake and out of bed so he goes to get him from the crib. And Jacob cries until CS gives him to me.

3:00- I try to get out of the house once a day, today we went to Wal-mart. Yesterday we applied for food stamps. SO EXCITING.

4:00 to 6:00- Dinner planning and cooking. I'm getting terribly bored of the things I cook but CS isn't as easy to cook for as my mom is. Jacob, however, likes what I make for him and I'm all into my Cooking for baby cookbook.

6:00 to 8:00- Baby wrangling time. He usually goes to sleep around 8:30 but there are periods of fussiness so mostly I'm trying to keep baby happy. Like last night, I fed him grapes.

8:30- BEDTIME FOR BABIES. Followed by zone out time for Mama. If she had any money, she'd be drinking wine as soon as she put the baby in bed.

10:30- Bedtime for Mama.

(This is really lame. I know. But there is no good news to report and if I detail the bad news it's not going to help me. Just depress me further.)

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