Friday, August 13, 2010

Art Work

What is it about my son and pens? I can't even hand him a marker or the mess would be overwhelming. Usually he gets a pen and scribbles all over both legs and then moves to his elbows. For a while there were crayon scribbles all over the tables in our living room and at least one spot on the wall by the stairs. Those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers really work! Although, I think it took a little bit of the table off as well!

He did write on the lid of my laptop once and I'm yet to get it all the way off. However, that doesn't compare to what he did to it last night. He was sitting on my lap, and took a drink of water from my water bottle and proceeded to spray it out of his mouth directly onto my open laptop. BIG TROUBLE, MISTER. Subsequent spanking and sitting on the couch did not make little boy happy. But when I told him he could get up, he walked over to me, gave me a hug and said "saw-wy." I guess I'm teaching him something, yes?


Kendra said...

Oh boy I guess the lap top still works.... scary though. Maybe you should incorporate craft time and sit at the table and teach him how to be responsible with the utensils.

simran khanna said...

start work so early.