Thursday, August 19, 2010


Jacob likes to play a little game on the bed.
To play, you must stand at the foot of the bed. (My goodness, does that boy not have the most beautiful lips and eyes?)

Say "SET! GO!" in the squeakiest, most earnest little boy voice.
Fall back.
Return to the foot of the bed as quickly as possible. Repeat!

Sometimes, when he's not steady enough, he is known to slip off the edge of the bed. This is very distressing and ends with many tears and probably a sneaky hand down my shirt. Booboos are his only comfort. Ironically, more often than not, that little trick earns him a spanking.

Give it up, boy wonder. You had them for 19 months. I've reclaimed them.

*Also, please excuse my mismatched pillowcases and bedsheets. I have a real problem with buying sets at Target but nothing ever matches. I'm working on it! I made pillowcases yesterday...that don't match...oh dear...

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