Tuesday, August 03, 2010


This is it. The 500th post here at Hunter's Prize. Coincides nicely with Hunter turning 5 this year, not that I planned that in ANY way.
I'm only posting because my mom told me too.

Things have been hectic but I'm not reallysure why. I think it's because my family was here for a while and that always seems to keep one busy, between driving back and forth and visiting. Jacob, Jayden, and Carter all got to sit on the neighbor's horse but we forgot to get the camera so we have no photographic evidence that they were all together at one time. It's sad that I will probably never know my nephew as well as I know JBelle, but maybe not. I certainly enjoy my aunts and uncles that I rarely got to see. Although, I always wished my cousins were closer and I do want that for Jacob.

I made jam again, this time apricot butI didn't follow the David Lebowitz recipe and it never set. It's still delicious! Maybe next year I will reach a happy medium between rolling off your toast and running down your arm. Sometimes I feel like I'm preparing myself for the possibility that our easy, sweat free, labor free world is going to come crashing down and I will have to know how to make jam and wash diapers and sew my own clothing.

But maybe if it does, I'll at least have a skill.

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Kendra said...

no way you are blogging because you wanted to post your 500th post....nice credit for me though. your jam looks beautiful and tastes just as good.