Monday, August 30, 2010

See? Pane?

We took Jacob to the airport yesterday. We were really on our way to Walmart, but as we drove past the end of the runway, a small plane flew right over our heads. It was probably a student, learning how to land and take off, as they had just landed minutes before flying over us. We pulled into a parking lot and waited for them to fly by again. We let Jacob out of his car seat, and he hung onto the side mirror, his whole body outside the car, shouting with glee. "SEE, MAMA!" PANE! SEE?"

He sees planes all the time, even the far away, spots in the sky. We live near a Army training area, so there are loud planes overhead frequently. He stands outside, head tipped back, scanning the sky for the source of the noise he knows is an airplane. Then he makes sure that we know that he knows what it is.

One of his favorite toys right now is a "copper" that Gramma got him. It's really a helicopter, and right now, it's somewhere in his crib with him while he sleeps. His other favorite toy is a "mo'cycle" but that can't stay in his crib because it lights up and plays a horrible Miami Vice sounding clip. But he has fallen asleep with it clutched in his hand since he got it. What is it about boys and trucks, cars, planes and "mo'cycles"!

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