Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday To ME!

Today is (was) my 27th birthday. Ever since I turned 25 and had Jacob, I have kind of forgotten my age. I frequently forget how old I am. It's certainly not on purpose. I look young enough that I'll never lie about my age. I will still look 30 when I'm 45! Score!

I have never been one for lists of goals I should accomplish by a certain age, especially since I have a knack for saying "I won't ever..." and a year later, I'm letting Jacob watch DVDs in the car on a thirty minute drive from home.

So here are somethings I would like to do this year!

Make another quilt. Specifically, this one.

Potty train Jacob.

Make enough grocery bags that I can stop using the plastic ones at the store.

Sew a skirt for me!

Get married.

Get pregnant again.

Go to Las Vegas in December with some friends.

Make homemade marshmellows.

Pay off one of my credit cards.

Have date night once a month with CS.

Create a photo wall of pictures I have taken. Make sure all of them are framed.

Have family photos taken.

Finally read the book I won about learning how to use my fancy camera.

Create enough that my Etsy store has more than two pages of items for sale.

Try to sell more Market bags at the local You Pick Farm (Happy Apple, Penrose CO).

Own a serger.

Run a 5K.

Cook outside the box. I've been very boring and predictable lately.

Try and see movies in the theatre more. Maybe combine this with date night?

Start writing stories again. I'm very caught up in creating with fabric but I would like to write down some of the stories in my head before I lose them.

Teach Jacob his ABC's.

Go to the hot springs in the middle of winter. It's so luxurious to sit in a river in your swimsuit when snow is falling down around you.

Talk to all my grandparents on the phone more.

Write letters to my college BFF every week.

Insist on a One Hour Limit of TV Time for Jacob. It's very hard to do this when I am working! I know! So bad!

Go see a play. A good one, in Denver.

Create awesome, matching costumes for me, CS, and Jacob.

That's all I have for now. I wouldn't call it a Mighty Life List, but it's a start. My real life list is much shorter and full of trips to places across the ocean.


randi said...

Happy birthday, girlie!

2 things...i want to run (hoping to fun) the 5K for the chili fest in pueblo and i am pretty sure it is on the 24th of sept. also, some friends and i are taking a photo class starting on the 14th in pueblo. wanna join us?

Kendra said...

remove pregnant from that list please

Leah said...

Hi there! I just found your blog randomly and thought I would stop and leave a comment. I am seriously in awe of anyone my age that has a child and works as well! I just don't know how you do it! I can barely take care of myself; eat right, exercise, sleep enough, laundry, etc.... I love children though and am currently working as a nanny so I am excited about being a mom. Anyway, major props to you on doing it all! When are you getting married to your fiance? : ) That's very exciting!
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