Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Family Tradition

On Sunday, we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (for the second time this year) and Jacob had a much better experience! The first time we went in the afternoon, and he only had a 20 minute nap. This time, we went before naptime and he was so much happier and easier to deal with. There was no barricading himself in to the little hut outside the otter exhibit when we asked him to go see the next animals, for one.

Jayden hurt her foot outside the wolf exhibit and sat down to cry and pick at the cut on her foot while refusing to let anyone see it. When Jacob realized she was upset, he ran up to her, tugging at her hand as he said "Wha wong? Wha wong?" and puckering up his lips to give her a kiss. She allowed him to hug her and then he ran off to play in a little wolf den, happy as a clam.

He also shouted "gaff! GAFF! GAFF" as he held out a giraffe cracker for ten minutes while none of them ate any. But he was certainly persistent!

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