Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Belle Likes The Box

During the week, this box passes as a coffee table. But that is not it's true purpose. Only JBelle can properly use it:

Here, JBelle is being a copycat. Which is exactly what I wanted her to do when I started saying "Poohbear" in a British accent. That girl, she is smart.

Here she is not being a copycat. Here she is being shy, she knows how to smile and when to do it. Instead, she'd rather chew on her salty, Playdoh fingers and squinch her eyes shut.

Although she has a hood, she would rather be wearing my hat. Fortunately, a hat JUST LIKE IT arrived at my house today and she will no longer need to take my hat. However, I have the distinct feeling that she will continue to want mine and insist I wear hers. And maybe they are identical, but she will know.

Hunter says "Hi, can I bark at you" but in a slow, deep, Southern, backwoods voice. Because he's stupid.

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