Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Return That Sparked A Lot Of Glee And Possibly Skipping To The Bar Last Night

When I pulled onto Main last night to park in front of the bar, I scanned the cars to see who was working with me. To my complete surprise, Chris's Jeep was there and it may have incited a little bit of a party in my car as I crossed the double yellow lines to park next to him. (Ok, three cars down, but so close!) Chris has been gone for the past two weeks on account of his wife having the baby two weeks early. And he could not have disappeared on us (being Zach and me) at a worst possible time. We are a team, and we needed our team leader! Ok, maybe Zach didn't but Zach has Chris's number and I do not so he could logically get in touch with him while I was left in the dark!

Anyways, he's back. And I may have bounded into the bar and crashed into him saying (screaming?) "I'm so glad you're BACK." Thus prompting Rich to excuse himself from behind the bar so we could "catch up." God, not like that. He's like my brother for crying out loud. A brother who may have unzipped my shirt last night, but that's only because I was asking for it. Come on, who wears a zip up shirt to the bar? Only someone who is asking for it, and that's why I stayed behind the bar all night because more sketchy guys were there and I am no fool. Chris's advice to me is that I have to watch out for the persistent guys because they are the most trouble. Only certain men will continue to pester a women into giving out her number and I want none of those men. Persistence is a virtue, but in this case it's just obnoxious. I don't give out my number at work, unless you are a girl or old childhood friend. Even then I usually get their number for the sake of appearances. Plus, there is no way I want some drunk boy's number when he graduated in 2004. Please, boy, you wouldn't even be out of college yet.

Anyways, Chris and I had a lovely time catching up on all that went down at the bar while he was gone. No sooner than he found out I am single now, did he start scheming to Marry me Off to his friend Ryan. Actually, I'm pretty sure the scheming started the night before I became single, two weeks ago, when he started going into the virtues of Ryan and how he just wants him to have a nice girl. Chris likes to set me up, although the last time was ill-fated even if his friend was nice. Just not my type at all, even if he just signed a very important contract for a very large sum of money. But Chris is not just conspiring to get us dating. He is trying to marry us off, so we can live in Canon and have dinner parties at his house and babysit Ace for him, and play on some intramural couple softball team.

I don't have the heart to tell him I'm moving to Denver.

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