Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Like Country

I usually don't deviate far from my angry, rocker boy bands when picking music for my car. I love my few indy bands that were given to me in college. And I like music that's really only acceptable in a bar after 10 PM and a three drink minimum.

But right now I'm on a country kick. There really is nothing better for a broken heart than a great country song. The rocker boys only get angry, unless it's Something Corporate and that's just too emo for me. The indy crowd is too philosophical about it. And I do not even want to think about "Smack that" right about now.

Country is just the right blend of anger and sadness. And also drunkenness, don't forget that.

Plus country seems to still have a large contingent of female vocalists, something that the pop culture seems to lack right now. Am I wrong in thinking that? So many artists right now are men, groups of men. Am I looking in the wrong place for women? I struggle to find a good female artist every week at karaoke and I almost always end up doing a song sung by a man. And I like singing country, since I'm better at country because I am country, but I also like singing songs people enjoy hearing. And I'm guessing my limit for the Dixie Chicks and Rascal Flatts are almost up.

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