Thursday, February 15, 2007


I am borrowing this idea from Que Sera Sera

I don't get a lot of texts, although yesterday prompted me to announce I may need to get more added to my plan. Maybe it's because I'm loved and the love was being shown through texts yesterday. Whatever happened to actually talking on a phone?

So here are some of my best texts since I got my new phone:

An Sandra was drinkin'

Tortilla Chip!

You just don't want me to know about it...silly girl...I'm sending your xmas gift back.

That lusty month of May. Do U remember who played the kooky old knight?

At least this Guinevere isn't on crack.

Thank u love u whore

I really want to insert a herpes comment

lol are you sure your not makin out

John wants to go drunken sledding tonight

Where is my prince charming

No seriously where is mine

lol um I always thought I was a loser

Did you hear how Hollywood is coming out with a new movie called hasn't come out yet.

Happy Valentine's day my little dirty pirate tramps. cause no one really gets paid!

You know what I just realized it's the day after tomorrow come true. Man's pollution has caused an ice age.

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