Monday, February 12, 2007

Six More Things

Well, Amy said I should! And it's not like there are only six.

Six Weird Things About Me

1)I don't like goat cheese. And I can always tell if what I'm eating is goat cheese. Even if you promise me that it's so mild, just like non-goat cheese, you can't tell at all. I CAN TELL. And I will think it's awful and that it tastes just like how a goat pen smells.

2) I can wiggle my ears. Or, rather, I can flap them. Also, right before I start to cry, I flare my nostrils really big.

3) I've never had boy friends. When I was younger, and home schooled, all my friends were boys except one girl when I was nine. But once I started school and made friends, none of them have been boys. Until now. Now I have the "Team" and it's kind of nice to have guy friends that you don't want to sleep with, nor do they want to sleep with you. The bad side of that is their girlfriends get irrationally jealous of you. *Note to self- Do not attempt to be a decent human being and prevent drunk friend from driving home.*

4)I'm obsessed with finding funny blogs. And reading all their archives as fast as I possibly can. So far I'm in love with Dooce, Amalah, Schnozzfest, Miss Doxie, and Whoopee. And if you know of any other I would adore, please let me know. Sometimes I get really bored during the day and I need something to read. And when I say sometimes, I mean pretty much any day of the week.

5) I am a music whore. I make terrible mixed CD's. So I never make them for people. But I love to get them. What's even worse is that I expect them. And that's why Annushka won't make me any more CD's. Because I am banned until I make her one. Except she forgot when I was leaving her that she had put up a music to Jess ban and she made me a CD anyways.

6) I like to be reading at least three books at one time. And I get myself confused by this. Because I tend to pick out a lot of historical fiction, mostly in the 1500's in England. They all kind of overlap in my mind, and as I'm reading I will get angry because the author is no longer talking about Anne Boleyn, but Queen Elizabeth the First, and that is at least 30 years later and you can't just jump around like that, oh...wrong book. God, this book is so good, I wonder what else she writes.

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Amy said...

I'm a multi-book reader as well! Except #1 usually gets taken over by #2 and #3. So, I've been reading the same book for about a year now. Yep...Loser!