Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Only 6. Yeah Right!

Ok, I'm tagging Duncan Donuts and Annushka to do this too.

List 6 Wierd Things About You:

1. I am almost incapable of answering my phone with a tone that isn't surprised. I have caller ID and photos on my screen, but I still say "hello" with trepidation. I have no idea why.

2. I like bruises. I like the way they change colors and fade. I bruise somewhat easily, and I don't mind at all.

3. I'm barefoot at my desk most of the day. Unless my shoes are strapped on, I take them off almost as soon as I sit down. I love dressing cute, but I hate wearing heels all day. And I hate hose even more.

4. I'm obsessively sentimental. I will actively avoid doing something that will erase what someone I care about touched or wore or did. For example, JBelle plays with these colored gels I have on my bathroom mirror every weekend. And even though it blurs my mirror up, I rarely clean the mirror.

5. I have three Swallowtail Butterfly cocoons in jars. Two at home, one at work.

6. I set my clocks 7 minutes fast. I know they are fast, so I continuously subtract 7 minutes from the time my clocks show. It really defeats the purpose of a fast clock.


Anonymous said...

1.I waste time when I am in need of it. I tend to tend to my blog more at those times.

2. I am treating youtube like television

Annushka said...

This is how you answer the phone:

hello????????????????????????????? *excited surprised voice like...YOU are calling ME??? I am the most special person in the world!!!"

The Hunter's Prize said...

HAHA. Ok, so maybe that's true. I can't help it!