Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hey, It's Not That Cold Outside!

I spent most of the afternoon freezing so I didn't take JBelle outside. Which meant that we watched way too much TV. Something about Spongebob Squarepants calls to her. I can't break her away from him.

We finally went out around 4:30 and we discovered that it wasn't that cold. So we petted the horses and went to see the chickens. Hunter can't stand the fact that he can't come with us, and today he broke down and showed me how he can get out of the yard. Foolish, foolish boy. Now he can no longer get out of the yard and break into the dog food barrel, thus making me seriously paranoid that he has twisted his stomach and will require a thousand dollar surgery because he's so flipping bloated.

In any case, he's fine now.

I'm going to Denver tomorrow, for a few reasons.
1) I'm tired of being asked "when are you coming to Denver?"
2) I have to get up at 9, after having worked till 2, so I can pick up the pig meat.
3) I can't handle being home all day alone.
4) BB is coming back tomorrow, so I need to get myself back into "busy" mode. I've had a few days of 8 hour nights and lazy days.

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