Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's Not Thanksgiving Without Jellied Cranberries, OK?

Thanksgiving Traditions with Duncan Donuts and maybe Annushka!

Once, my grandma didn't buy any cranberry sauce. I think that was at least 6 years ago and it's still the worst Thanksgiving of my life. Actually, not the worst. But why did no one go to the store and buy me some damn cranberry sauce? Being the oldest and favorite granddaughter/niece did not have it's perks that day.


I do not like celebrating Thanksgiving at home. As you already know, I'd prefer to spend it with Annushka. But I have very rarely spent it at my house in general. Growing up, we went to Driggs, Idaho and stayed with my favorite aunt, Denise and her family. It was always cold and perfectly snowy. They lived in a huge log cabin and their house was surrounded by tall trees and the yard was perfect for sledding. The day after Thanksgiving, the town of Driggs had a Moonlight Madness Sale and the whole town came out for shopping, visiting, and a huge raffle.

Cranberry Sauce in a can. Must. Have. Always.

Sweet Potatoes and Pineapple. This is two different dishes, actually. A combination of those two things might be really awful. But this started during the Idaho years. Sweet potatoes with a brown sugar pecan crust and a baked pineapple dish.

The parade. I almost always miss the beginning due to sleeping in. But it's a must have, I love the Broadway floats/performances.

The knitting. Mostly this happens at the Casa de la George, since I'm the only knitter in my family, but this year I am taking knitting with me. Maybe I'll finally finish the scarf I started for my uncle a year ago. Or maybe I'll just have it done by Christmas.

The West Wing. I may be wrong in this, but I recall a West Wing Marathon during Thanksgiving breaks. Much better than football!

So here is to a Happy Thanksgiving! With cranberry sauce and Andes Mint pie!


Anonymous said...

It has to be the kind of that maintains the ridges in the can, right? No resemblance to real cranberries ... It's a must-have for me too, even when preparing Thanksgiving for just myself and my husband -- and he won't eat it -- even if I have just a bite or two it's worth it!

The Hunter's Prize said...

Yes! It's the best kind. And I generally eat one slice of it, I don't know why.