Sunday, November 12, 2006

Because I Have To!

I'm going to leave in a few minutes, but I am going to do my best for the entire month of November to post even when I am busy (ie, not home) or when I have nothing to say. Today, both those things apply. BUT I'M POSTING!

Hunter and I are currently on the bean bag, and earlier today we took a nap on the couch. He's not allowed on the couch unless I am there, and generally that means he's laying on me so as not to get fur on the couch. How many people do you know who can take naps with their 70 pound Labrador? Yes, I have a lap dog.

I went to the mall in Pueblo today where I saw a boy with a safety pin through his lip. I'm hoping it was a real piece of body jewelry, but I'm afraid that I'm wrong and it's really a safety pin. I also saw a girl with black and white eyeliner, applied very thickly and shaped into a point at the corner of her eye. It doesn't get much more ghetto!

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