Friday, November 17, 2006

A Two Year Old, or Why I Can't Get Drunk Tonight

Since The Mom was shipped off to boring Oklahoma this Wednesday, I am in charge of getting JBelle tonight and watching her tomorrow. (I am so not complaining. I am doing this all on my free will because I adore this child more than Hunter, and I love him more than life itself.) But it does mean that I am unable to leave her with Gramma while I go out and have fun and sleep in. Lucky for me, BB is coming over so I will not be alone and asleep on the couch by 9:30. Not that that happened last night or anything...

I also had nothing to do with the red stain under the coffee table. I told Hunt to clean that up. I think he listened, but I didn't open my eyes to see. Damn you, Barbara Walters for being so fucking boring. I was supposed to go to Ladies Night, because they NEED me to help them pick music for the "new and improved Country Western Ladies Night" as I am the only one there who isn't obsessed with hard rock music. That doesn't mean that I don't know all the lyrics to "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" song now. It's not that I am a huge country fan. I do tend to gravitate to country songs for karaoke, but that's because they are so easy to do and there very few female vocalists on the radio right now. (Ok, there is no way I am going to sing something by Fergie or Beyonce for karaoke, NO WAY!) Plus, I have a good country voice. Not so much a good pop voice. I love singing in my car, especially to the Dixie Chicks new CD (the angry one) and messing around with my Southern accent. I can get real twangy. I'm pretty sure that if I had moved to Austin in August, I would already have a Texas accent. I probably would have acquired it about four days after I moved in.

So I will be home tonight with JBelle and BB. I've never felt more like a Baby's Mama than right now.

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