Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Can't Pick Favorites

But my mom totally does.

Anyways, time for another Topical Post with Duncan Donuts! We decided Best College Memory. I'm sure that there is no such thing as Best College Memory, more like 5,000 Best Memories, but I will do my best to pick a good one.

Junior year I went to Canada with the Theatre Department for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, something they do every year. About 20 students go, plus two or three faculty members. The year I went Glenn and Chad were the two faculty members slated to go, but Dr. G was going with her family (something we were all secretly pleased with because we LOVE this woman, and Glenn is a little uptight and Chad was new and still a little creepy.)We left on a Friday morning, everyone piled into three vans. I can't remember all the people in mine, but I know that I had the student driver (Kenneth), Audrey and Miranda were in the seat behind me, and Michelle was next to me. The first leg of the trip was spent sleeping and listening to music. We got into Canada without a hitch, sort of a big deal when you have students with Visas.

We get to Stratford and "check in" to our hospital rooms. Yes, we stayed in the nursing dorms, or something like that. After everyone puts their stuff down, we get ready to drive back into Stratford because it's CANADA and we can ALL DRINK THERE! Our first order of business is to find a place to eat and order a drink with it! Except for Eric C., who wasn't 18 yet, the poor boy. The first night we watched "Taming of the Shrew", set in a western theme, yeehaw! We headed straight to the bar after that, I can't recall the name but I know there was a bartender named Scott who worked there. His catch phrase was "What would you like, love?" and Michelle asked him to marry her and she even gave him a ring which he was still wearing THE NEXT NIGHT! It may have helped that she made out with him in the kitchen, but that's all I'm saying. My special memento of the night was a very nice Guinness glass that I stole when we went to the bathrooms. I still have it, actually.

Ok, this is To Be Continued...

Since work is over and I *have* to post today! Sorry, kiddo!


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