Friday, November 03, 2006

Cute Feet!

Deb just pointed me in the direction of cosmetic surgery for feet. Apparently, women are getting plastic surgery work on their feet so they look better in high heels and open toe shoes. Some of them are even asking to have their pinky toes CUT OFF! I don't know about you, but I think that's taking it a step too far. I am not going to maim a normal body part just so my feet can look cute in high heels. What about flip flops! You could never go barefoot again! Because then you'd risk someone seeing only eight toes and asking what happened to the little ones? Unfortunately, I do have ugly pinky toes. The rest of my foot is quite nice, but the little ones are a tad bit deformed. But I'll take that over learning how to walk again! Much less learn how to walk in three inch heels again. I still haven't quite mastered that technique. Which is probably why I'll never climb any corporate ladders or wear nice suits to work.

Deb and I are adding a little musical theatre to our Friday today. Right now, we have the soundtrack to South Pacific playing (Yes, I know that's not the right way to type in the title of a play, but remember I have issues with Baby Apple and Blogger). When I was a freshman in high school, the "theatre" department put on this play and the only real memory I have of the show was hearing the girl who had the lead female role repeating the story about how she flashed the audience during her first solo. Later, we watched the video of the show and even through the grainy-ness of a 1990's video camera, her white underwear was clearly visible. I wonder where she is today, and how embarrassed she would be to know that I don't remember her name but that I can clearly see an image, albeit a grainy one, of her flashing over fifty people.

Speaking of high school, I am going to the bar tonight with one of my old BBFs from my years at public school, before the 'rents forced me into private school that lead me to college and into deep debt! Anyways. Amanda and I used to write each other notes about the two boys we had year long crushes on. I think I still have some of those letters and I may go home and look for them today. I wonder if Amanda still has mine. I can't imagine that she could ever read what I wrote because I have the most awful handwriting now, and it's a lot better now than eight years ago. All the letters we wrote during "health class" are all the same, except maybe I saw J*** in front of his locker instead of outside his classroom at 8:04 that morning. It's not really stalking when it's a two building school, right?

So we are going out tonight, to the bar I work at and often hang out at, like last night. But this time I will be with Amanda and not BB so she can coerce me into many drinks and dancing with her instead of BB during "Smack That". Because, I totally will smack that.

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