Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dear JBelle

I'm sorry I wasted a good portion of today running errands and sleeping instead of playing with you. But I have to admit that I'm ok with the fact that you are so excited to have someone other than grandma to play with. There is nothing better than having you ask me to "carry you?" or putting on my make-up in the bathroom, standing behind you while you play with the pretties on the mirror.

Right now you are jumping from the couch to the bean bag and I've never seen you do that before. When we first brought the bean bag home, you were afraid of it and refused to sit on it even though we knew you'd love it. So tonight, when you got your cup of milk and went to sit on the bean bag alone rather than with Gramma or me, I laughed. As you jump onto the bean bag, you shout "yeehaw" or "tada!" and apparently "I won't find Tiko now!"

Last night, you hit me with a book and when we told you to tell me sorry, you sighed and turned your whole body away, like we didn't realize who you were and that you never say sorry. Gramma told you tonight that "You have your moments" and you agreed by saying "I have my moments."

Yes you do.

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