Thursday, November 02, 2006


I only have until 7 to Publish this. Because after that I will forget that I am supposed to post everyday.

Last night, we gave Hunter and Emma rawhides to chew. My new favorite thing to do after giving Hunter a bone is to chase him around like I am going to take it from him. He holds it in his mouth and darts around the kitchen and living room, absolutely refusing to leave these areas. I think he knows that we won't really take it away from him, because he doesn't try too hard to keep away from us. But he knows there is a slight possibility that we will confiscate them so he tries to avoid us as much as he can without actually leaving our sight. All while avoiding eye contact of any kind. He'll stare at you all day long if you have a piece of food, but as long as his mouth is full, there is no need for him to look at me. It's similar to when he escapes to the front yard and loses all ability to hear out of his giant bat ears because there could be bread crumbs in the middle of the road!!

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