Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Baby, It's Cold!

Today is the first day I've felt like listening to Christmas music. I think because there is snow on the ground and snow falling lightly from the sky, it finally feels like winter. But I'd like it to knock it off before tomorrow morning as I don't have time to mess around with snow on my car. This morning I scraped off the snow with a plastic lid to a Glad container since I'm not sure if I have an icescraper in my car. I think I do, but I haven't really looked. Not like I've needed it or anything. Since it is snowing, I did not drive the Jeep to work and I put off fixing my car until Friday. I could have escaped from having to clean the snow off my car but then I would have had to drive the Jeep home and it's snowing and 20 degrees! No thanks.

I cut my hair today. I cut a good three inches off. I had her straighten it, since I can never do it as well as she can, so I don't know how much I really chopped off. But I am tired of the way my hair looks when I put it up, the short layers are so far from the longest layer it looked funny. Plus, I love when she straightens it as I turn into a different person completely. Curls are my thing, so when my hair is straight I can't help but look at myself.

Yes, narcissistic. I know.

However, I can't be more narcissistic than Emma. Every morning, she spends at least fifteen minutes in front of the full length mirror outside the bathroom. Sometimes, she even looks at the mirror over her shoulder so she can get a view of her behind. How many Fox River Red Labradors do you know who do that kind of thing?

Oh, none?

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