Thursday, November 30, 2006

Remember That Time I Went To DC And Was Homeless? This Isn't That Time.

The very first time I went to DC was with a school mission trip and we were supposed to be learning about the Powerful and the Powerless in the DC area. Mostly we went around to seminary schools who had no idea we weren't interested in that sort of thing and we spend a lot of time in a very hot homeless shelter doing nothing. I went again this March with Duncan Donuts and it was a million times more fun.

So, here's a little photo fun for ya.

We started the week of drinking with a little wine.

The Martini Bar that wasn't open the first night we were in DC. So we came back the next night. And then we did this:

Yes, that's a hooka and it has orange flavored tobacco in it.

She doesn't like the birds.

This bird is extinct.

We love the Metro. I want to live in DC for the Metro. Just like the L in Chicago. I wasn't allowed in the subway system in NYC because my mom's boss is a rich snob who thinks the subway is dirty and beneath him so we had a private limo. Maybe I love NYC for the private limo.

We got some calamari. It was good.

While DD and this boy, Travis?, Trevor?, were talking to each other in an extremely close fashion...

Eric and I took pictures of them and ourselves. Guess which photo contains the drunk people?

The last night we met up with my cousin for some clubbing in Adam's Morgan.

And this is the Marine I met. He never called but it's ok. I don't remember his name and the bar after this one is where I picked up my 21 year old 2 AM phone stalker. So, Thank You, Marine Man for never calling me. That's how it's supposed to be.

NaBloPoMo is over. But I'm in my blog groove now and so down with posting everyday. Or at least weekdays!


Anonymous said...

i makea out marine.

or something like that.

and his name is travis, and we were NOT doing anything shady!

The Hunter's Prize said...

I wonder if Sally still has that text. Lol, I forgot about that! No, you weren't being shady, just so very funny.

Annushka said...

I probably do, but in my other phone - the one that is in almost 2 pieces.