Saturday, November 18, 2006


All day long I've been feeling lethargic. 6:30 AM is early, but I am always up by then! I just couldn't shake off the sleepy feeling until 9, when I made myself shower so we could get out of the house. After that I was fine, but when JBelle took a nap I followed suit and I had to force myself to wake up again.

This is all proof that I need to eat some freaking protein. I CANNOT SURVIVE ON BAGELS AND CHEESE.

So tonight I placed myself in front of the freezer and pulled out some chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts. I'm working at the bar tonight, so I'd like some energy. I'm afraid to nap because I might sleep all night long. I wanted to grill, but we are out of propane (and there is no way I would take the tank to the gas station to get more because, I'm not sure if you know this, but they put a gas in that tank and I cannot be trusted with a tank of propane and some matches) and we were also out of BBQ sauce.

JBelle and I went to the Cingular store this afternoon so I could exchange my cheap-ass phone for a better one. I put up with a cheap phone the last time we signed a contract and I wasn't about to give them two years and just get a mediocre phone. I think it's good I went back for the THIRD time because I actually got someone with some knowledge on plans and pricing. I ended up choosing the LG C500 something or other. All I know is that I can pay $40 for a USB cable and download songs to my cell phone so it's like a MP3 player. Yeah right, I would never buy a phone for that feature. Maybe for a camera now, but that's to occupy JBelle in the car with recording videos. Anyways, I got this phone because is seemed like a decent choice. To be honest, it's like a Razor but not as thin and with a much easier keypad. I think I'm finally satisfied with a cell phone.

Although, the more I look around, the phone I broke wasn't all that bad!

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