Thursday, November 09, 2006

Metallic Shirts Aren't A Deal-Breaker, But Try Asking What My Tattoo Means

Duncan Donuts and I are doing a list of our Deal-Breakers (Yes, I can hear the collective scream from a few people that I obviously don't have any because, hello? Soul patch? Metallic shirt? But shut your face because the soul patch is gone and at least he wasn't wearing leather!) Anyways, you can see DD's list here whenever she gets around to it.

1) Asking me to describe in detail "what I'm about" or "what's your story". ummm, no.

2) Touching me unnecessarily. We may see each other every week at the bar, but that doesn't mean you need to hug me. Thanks.

3) Not showering. This may seem obvious, but then you haven't been around any seasonal rafters, many of which are attractive but they live in tents for three months.

4)Large diamond earrings. Especially if you are white.

5)Indiscretion. It's not hard to do.

6) Calling a woman a bitch. Not cool, man.

7) Tying your jacket around your waist. The 80's are over and no one does that anymore.

8) Telling me to smile when I walk by you at the bar. Unless you are giving me a $20 tip, shut the fuck up!

9) Not being able to handle yourself in social situations. If a home-schooled girl can be ok in a bar alone, get some skillz!

10) You think fast food is an appropriate thing for meals. And yes, Chili's still counts as fast food.

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Anonymous said...

metallic shirts really aren't a deal breaker? hmm.