Friday, November 10, 2006

One Year Later

A year ago, my friend Audrey promised to hook me up with some new music. Yesterday, I got a package from her! I can't even remember what CDs she told me that she was going to send but she packed 8 CDs into that box. I love new music.

This is what she sent:
The Killers
Fall Out Boy
Rob Thomas
Van Hunt
Brand New
John Mayer Trio

She also sent me the first book of the Stephen King series "Dark Tower". I'm going to attempt reading it, even though I'm not a big King fan. Speaking of books, I'm supposed to be compiling a list for a friend of my top ten most influential books. As of now, I have four and I couldn't tell you why they were influential besides that fact that I love them and would read them again. Yes, I know I'm a librarian and that I should have no problem picking out ten books. And I could pick out ten books, but try picking out a book that has changed your life. A book that has made you feel or think differently, and see if you have actually read ten books that made any difference to you. I don't think I have. But I know there are out there.

One thing I miss about college is the opportunities I had to meet authors, to read their work and talk to them about it. Actually, we rarely discussed their novels or poems as we were too busy drinking bottles of red wine and eating amazing food on the couch in front of the candle lit fireplace at Olmstead's. Because of those receptions, I was able to meet some interesting authors *coughdaveeggerscough* and I also had my first "Oh you were a Kappa too?" moment. Ok, besides all that, those receptions made my liberal arts college experience. I would not have been able to discuss MFA programs as candidly nor have such a good time with them at a larger school. *Maybe I'm wrong, as I didn't go to a larger school. I just assume I'm correct in thinking a smaller school allows for such gatherings.*

Also, maybe my ten most influential books are more than just books. Maybe it's poems and scripts and someone's senior art project. But, that's not the task I've been assigned. I think I need to read more!


Anonymous said...

I hope "everybody poops" made the list

Anonymous said...

I love everyone poops...the gas we pass is a winner also