Monday, November 06, 2006

Dude, I Suck!

Well. That didn't take very long to fall off the posting fence. What makes it even worse is that I was online yesterday and I told myself to post before I showered but what did I do? I shut the laptop lid!

And maybe I could set this post to be from tomorrow, but I would know I was cheating. And the guilt would burn a whole in my head for the entire month and what if I randomly won a prize? I wouldn't deserve it!

I just hope I'm not the first person to lose. Especially since my URL was just now posted over on And I got my first comment ever!

When I was busy not posting yesterday, I was on my way to the mountains for a little get together at my "other mother's" house. I didn't realize it was a football watching get together but it's good I didn't know as I would have opted to stay home and watch something a little less loud and a little more stimulating, or maybe I would have taken a nap. But on the drive through the canyon I saw quite a few big horn sheep. The first one I saw was standing on the railroad tracks. Just standing there, as if waiting to face off with a train. A fight he would most certainly lose! I think something was wrong with him. Then again, he is part sheep. And I've never met a smart sheep.



I'm sorry that we did not see any big horn sheep while you were here. Obviously we were looking in the wrong places, like on the rocky hills rather than on the tracks of death!

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