Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kitty on the Porch, Squirrel in the Tree

Our neighborhood has become a haven for stray cats. I blame it on the people down the street since the cats seem to congregate there for the most part. Our closest neighbors also put out food for cats, thus why BOTH of my cats moved into their home soon after they moved in. I don't blame them since I'd move there too if they fed me cream and canned food rather than that dry shit we put out for them and the fact that we kept bringing home fucking puppies. On cold days, the cats gather on the roof of the trailer at the end of the road. The other morning I saw a momma cat and three kittens in the driveway. Today there is a brown and white cats curled up in the chair on the porch. She/He knows I saw it because I started yelling "here kitty kitty kitty" from the front door. I know if I open the door it will run away, so I've resisted. I don't really like cats, except Jack and Kyah, so I don't know why I want this one to stay around. It's more of a cozy idea, cats sleeping in the sun on your front porch.

In my backyard, there is a little bit of chaos. Emma and Hunter have "treed" the local squirrel. Squirrels are a recent inhabitant of my area. It's a rural town and I've only seen this one squirrel here my whole life. Now, this squirrel isn't really stuck. He knows that he can get away, but he chooses to stay up in the tree and tease the dogs. Emma will sit under the tree for hours at a time, just watching it. The squirrel has also gotten out of the tree and sat on the ground a few feet from Emma, and no chasing ensued. They must have a secret understanding. Or the dogs are just really well fed.


Anonymous said...

Our backyard squirrel finds making our bouncy terrier sit still more facinating that any other thing. So he will be up there for hours while the dog watches him. Hilarous because the squirrel can walk along the fence line and the dog can't even get close (or maybe I haven't been paying attention!).

Annushka said...

potato's in the paddy wagon?