Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Voted!

I did! I left my house at 9:58, made it to the poling place, got my form, waited in line, voted and got out of there by 10:18. And I made it to work by 10:35, only five minutes late! That's the benefit of living in a small town. The line would have been non-existent had I gotten my lazy ass out of bed before 8:30 but I didn't and I don't care. I can't imagine how annoyed I'd be in a bigger city with long voting lines. I guess that's why absentee ballots will be my friend when I do move! I did not get a sticker, nor did I see anyone else with stickers. And that is the downside to voting in a small town. No stickers!

It's seventy degrees outside right now. For those of you who don't know, I live in Colorado on the Front Range. And I would just like to point out again that it is seventy degrees and also the 7th of November. Ever since coming back here, I have dreaded the winter months. I hate the cold, snow, darkness, and ugly look of the landscape that seems to last so long. Summer goes by so quickly and winter lingers. This summer seems especially short due to the rain, which was very appreciated as I do not like my state on fire! We have enough trouble with evil, tree killing beetles. (I swear, Breckenridge is not going to be a very nice resort for much longer if they don't find a way to kill those damn bugs and re-plant about half the trees BY NEXT YEAR!) I've been dreading winter. I don't like getting up when it's dark, having to wear layers on the morning walks, wearing a coat to the bar, closed toed shoes, hose, and warming up my car. I'm very much a spring/summer kind of girl and I have the skirts to prove it. But right now, the air conditioning is on and I'm wearing the same outfit I wore back in July. So maybe this winter will turn out to be quite snowy, I don't mind. It's seventy degrees on the 7th of November.

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