Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Moment With Lydia

"Excuse me," she says as she walks around my desk to stand next to me.
"What's in that jar?" she asks in reference to my Swallowtail butterfly cocoon.
"I found it on my fennel plant this summer and when it was close to fall I put it in a jar so I can watch it hatch."
"So you found it outside and put it in a jar with some food? We did that once, and we hatched a bee."

"What's your favorite color?" she asks.
"Pink. Kind of like those flowers."
"They are purple. My shirt is purple," she says as she pulls the neck of her shirt out of her coat. She is wearing one of those one size fits all, and by all I mean age 5 to 50. Those bumpy, honeycomb looking shirts.
"Isn't it funny that I could wear that shirt?" I say.
"Yeah, but it'd be a belly shirt on you. And you wouldn't want that."

"How old are you?"
"I have an aunt who is 30!" she says.
"I'll be 30 someday."

*sings* "Somedayyyyyy!"

At this point her older sister comes over and leads her away from me, casting sympathetic glances back at me as they walk away.

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Anonymous said...

Lydia sounds like me when I'm drunk. Either Lydia is drunk or I act like a child...