Sunday, November 19, 2006

Let's Face It, I'm a Lemming.

My Really Really Great OWU Moments:

Speaking "click" at the Kappa table.

Halloween Junior Year. I dressed up in a toga, got drunk somewhere, went to Hayes to visit Sally, and ended up reading one of Hallie's books for Children's Lit to Sally, Hallie, Sarah, and Cheryl. Something about a cat in the dryer. I don't remember if I actually said any of the words or if I just laughed the entire time.

Hanging out in the lobby of the theatre. During rehearsals it was almost always sex talk. During lunch it was almost always an argument of some sort.

Laughing so loud that everyone in HamWil at lunch stopped and looked over at the Kappa table.

When I brought my video camera to the Kappa house during recruitment and I filmed Sarah trying to kill an enormous fly before realizing that I was filming the upstairs and IS THAT ALLOWED?

Giving backrubs during Alias.

Sally's Pride and Prejudice Party in her room in Hayes.

Rolling chair caterpillar.

Skanky McHoHo

SLU parties! The Rock Star party, HOT's Toga party, The Treehouse Office Party are my favorites. The Rock Star party led to my absolute favorite picture of Sally and I looking serious and hott, with a Bush/Cheney sign in the background. The Office Party was the most unusual because we all were playing characters rather than getting drunk at a party. I was Vicki from HR, and my husband was Matt, and hey that was a little awkward because he was dating my roommate. Callie got so into her role as the woman with A LOT of cats.

"The Store" aka my room

Sally coming over for "homework time" but not getting much done due to the fact that she started improving dances to Howie Day.

Standing in line for the Matt Nathanson/Howie Day concert.

The Great Big Sea Concert where we stood in the front row with our wonderful teeshirts (Sally Ann, Penelope, and Marimac). Too bad they didn't comment on us in their travel log.

Pres Ball. Especially that time I went ALONE because a certain freshman coughericcouch was also going ALONE. Yeah, that worked out really well. :)

Ordering Molson's at the backstrech so we could peel off the labels and tape them to our walls.

The Bunny Plaque!

The Stitch Stops Here. I miss the yarn ladies.

When I gave Sally a bottle of wine for her birthday and we tried to open it with a screw driver.

Crossing the street to the residential side, once again laughing so loud that it prompted an unknown boy to say to me as he walked past us "so loud!"


Annushka said...

omg a screw driver - so resourceful! and dumb.

Anonymous said...

click click clack clickity clack

that means I love you!