Saturday, November 04, 2006

Purple Kitty, Naptime, and Why Flamingos Say Fuck

I never meant to teach JBelle to scream "fuck" on demand.

It started out well. I'm not really sure if flamingos ever make sound, but "squawk" seemed an appropriate thing for one to say. And JBelle started out by saying "ssss wok"but it has now morphed into a very loud, high pitched "fuuuuck"! Hey, at least I didn't teach her to say that "mommy did it with a razor blade" when asked where she got those bruises on her legs.

Purple Kitty is the newest obsession. Purple Kitty is really a purple kitty who was once grape scented. I know, I had no idea that we could scent stuffed animals now! However, Purple Kitty does not smell like grape. I'm not sure what Purple Kitty smells like, as the purple is tinged with brown today and I'm afraid to put Purple Kitty close to my nose.

Many naps were taken today. I had one, Gramma had one, and JBelle had one. But only after she laid in my bed for an hour, playing and talking to herself. She didn't leave the bed, but each trip by my room showed her in a different spot. She has started talking outloud to herself. She used to say so few things, and now she is bursting with so many words that she even talks when she is alone. And I'm glad that I've been a part of that process. Because all two year olds should know that "politicians are clowns" and "those girls are floozies". It's good to start that process early.

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kann said...

Thats' funny! Good luck with NaBloPoMo!