Friday, May 18, 2007


I've been saying this a lot today.

Because I'm very upset. And HATE.

I got a call from my insurance assessor on Tuesday. She told me she paid for the fuel line/engine/gas bullshit repairs at the mechanics and I needed to pay my (1st) deductible before they would release my car to the body shop for the final stage- painting. I faxed my info that day. The body shop didn't get my car back until Wednesday at noon. I talked to them on Wednesday, they said they needed two days to paint it. So I figured Friday would be the day I get it back.


I called today. They said they had painted it this morning but that it was still not dry. So I tell her I need my car by Monday. I have to work tomorrow so I have Monday off and I am going to Denver to sit in the sun and eat Spicy Pickle. They ask me when I was leaving for Denver. I say in the morning (although now I'm going up on Sunday night and probably staying till Tuesday morning.) Lady on the phone says they don't even open till 8. I say I'll come get the car at 8. She says no, won't be ready till noon. Call around 11.

Umm. What. The. Fuck.

They are going to have my car for almost a week after they got it back from the mechanics and I can't have it until (maybe) noon on Monday? That's THREE FUCKING DAYS of drying time, assuming that they really did paint it today.



They have had my car for over a month now. It's fucking time to give it back to me. I'm so angry. They aren't helping. And I WILL be driving by the shop tonight to see if my car is sitting outside, unpainted. And if it is, I will HATE even more. Possibly steal car back. Fuckers.

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