Thursday, May 17, 2007

Puffy Puppykins!

My brother called me yesterday around lunch time to tell me that Hunter's face was very swollen. He was acting normal but his snout and eyes were very puffy. I called my vet and they said to bring him in that afternoon. My normal vet is at least an hour away, so I called every place in town to get him in that afternoon. My last choice said I could bring him in at 2:30. I dislike them because they advocate spaying and neutering your pets too young and I disagree with that. It is not healthy! Anyways, they were the only vet in town that could take us. (Seriously? That's just weird.) So my brother brings Hunter to me at work, and he is a complete FAT FACE. His eyes were like bulgy golf balls and his snout looked just like those pictures where the animals head is seventy times larger than the body. He was happy as could be, though. Just slightly misshapen. And his snuffing around sounded a little different. The vet determined that it probably wasn't a snake bite, as they leave puncture wounds. So that left bad spider bite, or bee sting. Two shots later, and a $60 bill, he's no longer puffy. The swelling went down rather quickly after he got the medicine, and he was back to his annoying, demanding self. I brought him back to work with me where he was quite unhappy to not be allowed to run and play with the kids around him. And why couldn't he sit on my lap and whine? Surprisingly, he chilled the heck out when I started putting books away. He decided not to keep his head out the window on the way home, opting instead for my lap. He's still a bit mopey this morning, but it was quite an eventful day for him yesterday. Maybe he will learn that bees are NOT for eating. Somehow, I doubt it.

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Duncan Donuts said...

Dogs provide so much entertainment. And a good way to spend all that extra money you have!