Friday, May 04, 2007

Notes From The Couch

Not a whole lot has happened in the past week. I've been on the couch, drinking liquid Coden every four hours, and watching many hours of TV. It's kind of relaxing, except when I try to eat something sharp and I'm reminded that I can't! I got so sick of eating sugary foods: yogurt, popsicles, juice, peaches, applesauce. I got my hands on some Miso soup and that was just what I needed. Salt! The pain meds worked really well, which may be a bad thing because it lead me to eating some pizza and maybe a few chips when I felt really good. Don't worry, I chewed it really well.

Hunter hasn't been the happy bundle of joy I thought he would be since I have been home for so many hours in the past few days. He ran away at least once a day, coming back extremely fat and bulgy. Stinky too. One night, he ran away in the middle of a rain storm and when he finally came back two hours later, he was quite wet and unhappy. We made him lay on a blanket on the floor and that cause the whiniest episode of his life. It was his own damn fault he ran away and we let him back inside, dried him off and put him on a nice blanket. But no, he wanted to be on my lap on the couch. Fat chance, Mister Hunt.

JBelle asked me this morning "where you tonsils?" She doesn't quite get why I'm sick. She knows my tonsils are gone, but she wants to know why the Dr. did that to me. Gramma told her he threw my tonsils in the trash, and she came really close to opening the cupboards to look for them. Now if that's not redneck, I don't know what is.

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