Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hunty Boy Turns Two! Part Two-The Second Year

Hunter is a funny boy. This plastic jar holds his toys. But he discovered that it was a lot of fun to chew on, and also stick his head into and bump into the furniture. Ok, maybe I just thought it was fun to watch him bump into the furniture.

He could also be convinced into almost any situation. I flipped my mattress one day, and it took little persuasion to get him into the middle and bam, dog sandwich.

Emma was horrified at the dog antlers. Hunter? Doesn't even know they are on his head.

He likes to sleep in awkward positions. Usually curled into an impossible ball on your lap, but sometimes just hanging off the couch.

He likes stuffed animals. Even the non-squeak kind. They sleep with him. Or rather, he sleeps on them.

When I'm gone, my mom likes to ask him "Where's your momma?" and he runs to the door to look for me. (sometimes he does this even when I'm sitting in the same room, possibly telling him to look for his momma) But he does love his momma. Last night, I had a dream about BB showing up to see me at the bar and I woke up to Hunter crawling up the bed along my body to rest his head on my pillow right next to me. If that's not love, then I don't know what love is!

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Duncan Donuts said...

Happy birthday, Hunty Hunt!

(Jessica, you had better show the computer screen to him!)