Sunday, April 22, 2007

Count Back From Ten

I am going in for my tonsils tomorrow. I suspect that I will only get to 8 before I go under. And when I wake up, I will have so much room in my throat. For things like, air. I'm having such a hard time breathing. I cannot wait for these monsters to be gone.

So think of me tomorrow at 9 AM, which would be 11 AM Eastern time.

I bought a lot of stuff today for this week. Lots of liquids, I'm not quite sure what I'm going to eat. I bought Mac and Cheese, and Chicken and Stars. I have popsicles, which I just found out are made with Splenda, sorbet, and yogurt. Natural soda, apple juice, and Gatorade. Applesauce and peaches. I plan on sending mom to get me cheesy, bean burritos from Taco Bell. And I'll probably want Miso soup from MoMo's.

I'm also going to want lots of chips and I'm going to be pissed I can't eat them. Sharp edges are a no no.

I'm not that nervous about going in. I'm really looking forward to my throat not feeling like it's slowly closing and to breathe normally and talk like I used to. I'm not looking forward to being in pain and on meds for a week. I'm really bothered by that, actually. I've been so go, go, go for the past few months, that just laying around for so many days is going to drive me stir crazy. So keep me entertained! I just wish I had wireless. This dial-up is going to drive me up the wall! How am I going to load Myspace!

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Duncan Donuts said...

I am thinking of you, Jess, and I'm sure everything will be just fine. People need air to breathe, apparently.

I would also highly recommend scrambled eggs (higher in calories and protein) and any canned fruit because it's all smushy. I also ate bread, warmed up in the microwave with an unhealthy amount of butter to make it all soft.

Once I tried to drink some wine. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS.

Miss you!