Sunday, April 01, 2007

What Can I Say?

Not a whole lot lately. My voice tends to fade in the evening time to a hoarse whisper, and I wake up in the morning with next to nothing. Afternoons aren't too bad. I need to be chewing gum or taking sips of water constantly. I'm really glad to be going ot the Doctor on Wednesday. That's really going to help me right now. With my luck, my tonsils will probably return to normal size and there will be no sign of any infection or disease.

I had a late night and an early morning today, made worse by not taking a nap in the afternoon. I finally showered at 2 pm, when I had great expectations of going to Ross for some shopping. Unfortunately, I sat down on the couch after I got ready and I fell asleep for two hours. Now, I keep finding myself staring at the TV, where Pirates of the Caribbean is playing, and I can't seem to keep my mouth shut out of wonder. I love taking naps, but I hate when I can't get myself out of the nap funk. Not that Pirates isn't a kick-ass movie to watch wide eyed with wonder. But when I find myself gaping in awe at the supercharged V8 juice commercial, I know something is off.

Earlier, Hunter was standing in front of me and making a very squeaky, high pitch whine. He does that to me a lot, when he feels I'm not paying him proper attention while I'm doing things like getting dressed, blow drying my hair, and being generally occupied with a task. Times when I'm doing nothing and I want him to cuddle with me, he seems to be sleeping in another room with his precious stuffed animals. He's also decided that our bed is mostly his and he is entitled to sleeping horizontally across it. Never mind that he is as long as the bed is wide. And that he chooses to sleep in the very center of it. Of course this means that I am now sleeping in a little ball at the top of the bed. No wonder I sleep so well after he goes outside at 5 AM. If my room was bigger, he would totally be sleeping on his own bed...on the floor!

JBelle was surprisingly sweet to me this weekend. Generally, she chooses Gramma to be her source of comfort and cuddle but this weekend she let me hold and smoosh on her. It could be that I am spending more time with her, now that I'm not occupied on the weekends with other things, things less important than her much to my dismay. We went to a cookout on Saturday afternoon, hosted by her mother's boyfriend. When we went to leave, JBelle said to me "I don't want you to go. I want to go with you to gamma's house,' in a very sad, whiny voice. She's never done that to me before, as she's generally esctatic to be with her mother again. It made it very hard to put her down and leave the party. It would have helped if she would have thown a block at my head like she had been all afternoon.

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