Friday, April 13, 2007

Slip, Slide, Crash

A week ago I got in a car accident. I decided to drive up to Denver to meet an OWU friend for dinner. I was just going to drive up for dinner, then head back to Canon for the beach party at Manhattans. It had been rainy all day and pretty cold out, but I went anyways. It's not everyday that someone from OWU comes out and I had promised I would be there. I left for Denver around 6, and I had made it into the outskirts of Denver by 7:30. Traffic was bad in some places, but there were a lot of cars on the road that night. Yeah, it was rainy and snowing in spots but the roads didn't seem very bad. I spent most of my drive up to Denver talking on my cell phone to various people. Once I got to Denver though, I had put my cell phone away. I was just cruising along with traffic when I realized that I was no longer in my lane. I was slowly going into the right lane. I must have immediately taken my foot off the gas and tried to regain control of my car. I remember thinking that I needed to turn into the direction that the car was going on it's own. And then I lost on control of my car and I remember saying "Oh no no no no no" over and over. My car was in one of the middle lanes, and I ended up crossing into the far left lane, spinning around and crashing into the concrete median with my rear end. Another woman was involved, I don't remember how. I was headed North, when my car finally stopped it was facing East. I turned my car back on, and drove out of the lanes. I told myself I was fine, I was ok. And then I lost it and started sobbing.

Luckily no one was hurt. Although, right after my crash, two cars almost crashed and then two more did crash. It was a nasty patch of black ice. And I'm lucky that I just drove away. My car was just fine that night, and the next afternoon when I drove it home. It didn't start after that, but at least I was home. I don't know when I'll get it back from the body shop, but I'm confident it's not totaled. And if it is, well, the blue book value of the car is a lot more than I paid for it, so I'll be just fine.

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