Thursday, April 19, 2007

Too Many Chapsticks

Ok Girls. I'm tagging all of you to do this. It's easy! Yay, blog fodder!

I believe that Whoorl did this a while back. And since I bought a new purse today, I cleaned out my old one. I put the contents on the floor and took pictures just to show you. Honestly, this isn't all that goes in my purse. But I left my "Get Ready For Bed" bag at L's house on Monday. It will not fit in the new purse. Bummer.

Anyways. This is what I had in my old purse:

All neat and tidy on the floor. So unlike how it's thrown into my bag. Here is part one of a close up, so I can explain it all for ya.

Gum. Lots of it because I like it. Also, mints because sometimes I don't like to chew gum, mostly at work. Cell phone is my BFF. Pink Vera wallet for the bar. It holds everything I need and it's still small. Blue Vera Wallet holds my check book and cash and cards. Black Vera Pouch hold my pain meds and some mouthwash from a hotel. Striped zip up make up case holds deodorant, foundation stick, mascara, and shadow. For nights when I don't go home before the bar. I really need some eyeliner in that one. Bottle of L-Lysine for my addiction to strawberries and the resulting sores in my mouth from eating them. Chapsticks, mint and honey seems to be my thing. BC pills, to keep me from breaking out like I'm 16 again.\

Blue Tube is cuticle oil stuff from Bath and Body. I like to put it on JBelle's nails when we are out and she's being wild. Sunglasses, I almost never wear them. Rubber bracelets from Stina on the night of the 80's party at the bar. One battery for my camera which is now broken. Flash drive, which I never use anymore. Another Vera Wallet which is a perfect place to keep condoms. Not that I need them anymore. Wouldn't Vera be so appalled? Nail file. A key card to a hotel, random receipts, numbers, and cards. Packet of gum that has one piece left. A half eaten package of Cadbury Easter Eggs. An Andes Mint. And a caramel Kiss.

And that's not even all that goes into the purse. Nor does it all fit into my pretty, new, hot pink for spring purse!

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Annushka said...

I'm so glad I could contribute the condom vera pouch