Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh, That Sound?

That cracking sound when I shrug my shoulders? It's just stress. No worries. Oh, and that red spot on my arm that I keep scratching? Just a re-occurring stress hive. I have one on my jawline too. I tend to internalize my stress. It wasn't until recently that I realize that when I have a deadline or something is bothering me, that I get these weird hives on my body. In the same places! I am so in tune with my body. This is also why I'm pretty sure that I couldn't get myself addicted to drugs. "Why am I so nervous and jittery today?" Must be the caffeine in my tea. Certainly not the need to go snort a line or whatever drug stuff people do. I wouldn't know. I never engaged.

I'm going to my Wellness Checkup today and I have a feeling I'm going to be all set for surgery. Actually, I feel fine now. Except for the times I can't breathe well because my tonsils are blocking my nasal passages. Even the few times I smoked a cigarette at the bar didn't cause my throat any pain the next morning (a sure sign of sickness). I'm healthy! I just carry diseased glands. Is it wrong that I sort of want to take a picture of them? Or that I want to see them when they cut them out? Because they are going to be huge, and I want to see that! I will not take them home with me, even if that was allowed. Because that's just gross. I like my freezer to be tonsil-less. Also, when I move, there is no way I'm going to pack them into a cooler with some dry ice for the 19 hour drive. That's just insane!

My trip to Pueblo will probably include a stop at Starbucks, because they have them. And Target, for the same reason. If I have time, I'll stop in and see a little baby boy, too! Pueblo has everything!


abbacus said...

I always want to see the results of medical procedures. I got very annoyed when I sprained my ankle and they wouldn't show me the x-ray. Ditto for every other medical catastrophe i have had leading to xrays, cat scans or MRIs

Duncan Donuts said...

i swear to god, if there are tonsils in the car i am jumping out and flying home